May 12, 2012 Location: Elbasan, Albania

I'll follow the sun

These photos were taken during a picnic with my class in Gjinar, which is a village near Elbasan. Each of us had brought home-made food and gathered in a circle we ate lunch under the shade of trees. I had brought lasagna, one of my grandma's speciality, she is a great cook actually..
The weather was perfect, so after that we played different games and we shot hundreds of photos.
That day I was wearing my favourite high waisted jeans, a Waikiki T-shirt and my converses. Simple as that!

Baby frogs..

And of course, we couldn't just not take a picture of the owner of the restaurant there.. I don't remember her name but it was as weird as her look :p

Love, Hega xx :)


  1. Haha, Hega...I know that weird lady... in GJinar, right? She is from Korca though... syzeza vetullape, do vij sonte natene :)

    Shume bukur fotot. Cant wait to read anything from you.


  2. I know the lady too xD If you know what I mean :p
    Gr8 pics :DD <3


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