Apr 14, 2013

B-day surprises! Part II

We're all turning 18 this year, so birthday parties are becoming so common. But when it's your best friend's birthday, you have to be creative so you can make her an unforgettable surprise. We never run out of creative ideas and we didn't fail this time either.
Her b-day party was little Paris themed, with candles, little Eiffel towers everywhere and a perfect cake.

Birthday girl!

 Our surprise was more like a treasure hunter. At first we gave her a red rose which carried a note. Every note would give a special direction .

 This balloons say "perces-nous", which means "pierce us". Inside one of them was a letter for the next destination. Actually the next destination was the rest-room, where she had to wait  until everything was ready.
 In the meantime we hanged our piñata, which was a large balloon filled with small candies, coloured papers and some heart shaped letters that we wrote for her.

With her eyes folded she had to pop the balloon by hitting it several times with a stick. Well, you must all know this old spanish tradition, called piñata.

 Blowing out the candles of her cake!

Love, Hega xx


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