May 15, 2013


Last week I participated at Epoka's 3d annual workshop, which started on 10 May and lasted for three days. The first day of the workshop we were given some paragraphs from Sou Fujimoto's book, "Primitive future", and we were asked to make some sketches based on our text's understanding. Then the second day we had to make a model and a poster, using the given materials and the theme "Primitive future".
Saturday was an exhausting day, 8 hours of non stop work and stress. There was lack of time, but still, we managed to make something presentable. However, my goal wasn't to win a prize or something, I just thought it would be a very good experience to me, working with such professors, developing your skills and getting to know new friend from other cities.
And the third day we had to present our work, by making a two or three minutes speech in front of the panel.
Yep, really stressful. There were moments when I felt like abandoning everything and going back home, but now that it's over, when I look back at it, I see it as a valuable experience.
Photo of all the participants!
The material we were supposed to use, 30 cm long wood sticks.
First day of the workshop, first sketches.

Day of the presentation!

Waiting for my turn. I was the very last in line!

 My work!

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Click HERE to see a video of us! :)
Love, Hega xx


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