Jun 13, 2013

My before-the-big-exam routine

I always have healthy meals the day before my exam, and I usually eat fruits for breakfast as if I'll get wiser by doing that. It might sound stupid but I'm sure I've read it somewhere, and it's been a routine to me ever since. They say chocolate it's good for the memory too, so bread+nutella it is!
I like doing some last revisions, if I'm lucky. Lui always tries to grab my attention by sitting over my books. Mission impossible!
Then I start to cuddle them both and lull them to sleep. My baby girls always make cute faces, which makes me feel much better, always!

A long and a warm bath it's a must, so relaxing!
 That's becoming an everyday routine actually, I'm getting more and more obsessed with this game. When I'm stressed out, it always calms down my nerves.
 Tea party with mommy at our balcony. Tea is very important, it helps you get a good sleep at night.

 And this is dinner for tonight, just for tonight, lol! I eat light foods, so I won't have problems with digestions and yes, I will get a really good sleep.
 When it's already afternoon I start getting ready and go out with my girlfriends. It doesn't matter where I go, I just need some fresh air and I need to get tired, so that I can get a good sleep then. Yeah, it's all about getting a good sleep! You need to be totally relaxed the next day.
The panic hours! Everyone has those. You get stressed out for no reason, you start thinking you're going to fail, that you won't be able to do anything and that you will forget everything. I even start yelling at the whole family, as if it was their fault.. Well that's normal, if someone says they don't have it, they're probably lying.
 The last but not the least. At about 9 o'clock (I know it's too early) I wear my pyjamas and try to get some sleep. If I'm not sleepy enough, I start reading a book, that will help..

There's one last thing, but it's not on the list. I take pictures of what I do on these days and then blog it, lol!
Wish me good luck for tomorrow :)
Love, Hega


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