Jul 29, 2013

Sounds like the ocean

 This week, I was offered to make a shell necklace in return to a box with materials I could use for some DIYs I have in mind. I said yes, of course, and as soon as I got the shells I would use for this necklace, I started from work :)

The materials I used were 6 shells, beads (I chose blue ones, you know, like the ocean), twine, a big needle and a pair of scissors. 
I had too pierce the shells, and for that I used grandma's dental tools.. She's a dental lab worker.
I also used them to enlarge the holes of the beads. If not, the thread wouldn't go through them.
Then comes the fun part, putting the beads and shells together, organizing them round the thread however you like them best. And this is how I like it :) 
Once I'm finished with one side, I do the exact same thing with the other one in a symmetric order.
 I chose to make a double necklace, because putting all I had in one single row was just too much. So this is how the other one starts.. and ends!
Soon after I was finished, I just knotted their edges together and so, secured them in place. 
Sliding knot worked for me this time.. I couldn't think of any other possible way, this is the first  thing that went through my mind at that moment!
 Et voil√†!
It's a present, remember? :)

Thanks for reading..
Love, Hega xx


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