Jul 5, 2013

You know it's July when you start cutting your T-shirts

I think the heat of my town it's making me feel dizzy, dizzy enough to destroy my closet. I hope it's for good. 
I started with this two T-shirts, by cutting their sleeves or edges. No sewing needed as they're made of cotton :)
Nr. 1

 Nr. 2

 For this one I thought of doing something more special, like a fringe T-shirt for example.. An upside down-V fringe T-shirt! 

 Then, if you want to, you can add some beads..

 Et voilĂ !

I'm saving the leftovers for a new DIY project I have in mind!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my upcoming prom pictures!
Love, Hega xx


  1. oooo ajo me Bartin! :( mpelq ideja ajo bluzja me mace kam pas kur kam qene e vogel :D good job dude! 8|

    1. I had to, I had grown out of it, lol!


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