Nov 28, 2012 Location: Tirana, Albania

Independence day in Tirana

Greetings from Tirana.. We left home today and came to our capital city to take part at the national celebration. Now I'm at this bar (waiting for Rita Ora to come) that has wireless too, so I can share some of the photos I made this morning.. I'm sharing them from my mum's Iphone 4 whose batery is almost dying..
We are so tired, we've been walking all day long to different places and we are still shocked from the vandalism we've seen.. Imagine, all Albanians are gathered here in Tirana and there obviously isn't enough room for each of us.. I regret not getting the chance to try the tart, I heard it tasted like pomegranate :/
However, these are my photos, I was wearing vintage clothes (the shirt and jacket belonged to my grandmother :) )
While my necklace is one of my latest DIYs, I'm sharing its tutorial the next day!
Stay tuned (:


At Imperial Cinema with mom.. We were watching a documentary over Tedeschini Dinasty..

Daddy is photobombing me!! :p

Love, Hega!


  1. Nice jacket !



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