Dec 26, 2012

Xmas time

Yesterday was Christmas so with a group of friends I went to a restaurant where I had already booked a table. We spend there a couple of hours listening to live music, dancing or singing along, eating snacks and shooting photos. 
Actually 90% percent of the time I was shooting photos, I just couldn't get enough of my new friend Jared and I really want you to meet him.  
I'm so glad he's finally mine!

We also exchanged postcards, people don't do that anymore, they now use electronic devices to wish each other a Merry Christmas, which is very sad!

I hope you've had a great time yesterday too.. Happy New Year since the Christmas are  now over!
Love, H.K. 


  1. it was such a gr8 night! We all enjoyed ! As I said last night,that was the best Xmas Party ever! Thank you! U r amazing as always!


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