Mar 14, 2013

Dita e verës-Summer day

Dita e verës known as the summer day is an ancient pagan feast, originally created in 
Elbasan, which is my hometown. Even though it's now a national feast, we are the ones who still celebrate it rigorously. 
In this day we all wear verore, which is a swirled bracelet made of two threads, a red and a white one. In two weeks we take it off and hang it in a rose branch, so that swallows can take it and use it as a construction material for their nests. This is considered as good luck.
Cooking ballokume is another tradition of this feast. In other cities people buy them in stores, but in Elbasan, we still cook them by ourselves. Then we exchange them with relatives and friends.
Important thing of the day: Lunch with family at your place! 

This is what woke me up, bugaçe..
Ballokume, packed and ready to be given to relatives :)

 Every year in Elbasan is a held a fair where all the businesses promote their products or services. This year with my classmates I was there to promote our school's project, supported by Junior Achievement, where we had to create a business of our own. Our business, called "Teen sport" involves basketball and dancing courses. 

Love, Hega


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