Mar 12, 2013 Location: Voskopojë, Albania

Moscopole_Fifi's birthday

On the occasion of her 18th birthday, my best friend invited us on a one day trip to Voskopoje (Moschopolis/Voskopolis,Moscopole), a mountainous village about 3 hours away by car. We got there yesterday morning and waited the whole day for her birthday to come..
A drawing of us two in the window of our van.

With my birthday-girl!
Room keys..
 Hotel's shampoo..  With pomegranate :p

 Photogenic cat is photogenic..


 On the stroke of midnight hour, we sang her the birthday song, gave her our present, showed her our surprise videos and of course left her blow out the candles of her cake.

 Our present!

As we entered our hotel room, we lit 18 other candles so she could blow them out again! Why not...


 At the cathedral of Korça.

I would really like to thank my very best friend for organizing this amazing one day trip. We really did have fun, it's obvious! I love you and Happy birthday again ♥


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