Mar 28, 2013

DIY dyed Easter eggs

Easter's coming sooner than usually this year for catholics. 
In this Easter eve, profiting from this days off I've got from school, I decided to dye today my Easter eggs. Easter got me so excited this year, that I wanted to do everything by myself. This is the result! Not bad for a starter, huh?

What I needed was eggs (obviously!), parsley, beets, balloons, candies, a pair of tights, red dye (or any other color, it's up to you) and paint, in different colors..

When you boil beets, they give the water a cherry color.. You can definitely use that colored liquor to dye your eggs.

I love Humpty, in case you haven't noticed yet!

 Hope you liked it! 
Love, Hega 


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