Mar 30, 2013

Just because they're different from us doesn't mean they're not like us!

A few weeks ago, randomly, while having a conversation with my friend, I learned she was helping her class mates (voluntarily) to paint the walls of a new opened center here in my town, a center for special kids. I wanted to help, so I asked her if I could join. Certainly, she said yes and all of a sudden it was just the four of us and some basic colors. All we had to do was to transform those white walls into colorful ones, with children's favourite cartoon characters! :)
Won't deny it, I had so much fun, because I finally had a reason to wake up early on weekends and simply because helping others is always fun.

The hall

Room № 1

 Room № 2

Next week we're doing the walls of the second floor, which means more photos coming soon..  Stay tuned! :)
xoxo, Hega


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