Jul 19, 2013

August DIY WishList

My creativity has been running low recently.. I found this yesterday while scrolling on the net, and I hope I've got the nerves to make them! Fingers crossed.

1. I had never seen before a more interesting zebra striped T-shirt.. As soon as I find some black-fabric-paint I'll do it!

2. Floral eye-cat shades. Very simple, very stylish..

3. Chain plus zipper equals bracelet. It's a check. 

4. Criss crossed cutted T-shirt. Not that simple though, but quite interesting.

5. It might not seem that easy to do, but I think I've got all the needed materials :)

6. Sorry for the tinny pic, but it's a spiky neon colored necklace :)

7. It's kinda similar to the necklace at picture 5, but it's double!

8. It seemed easy to do when I first saw it. It's a bow cutted T-shirt. 

9. This necklace reminded me of the waterfall necklaces.. Very easy to do.

10. Roses necklace, made of pieces of clothing and a rope.

11. Tie dyed pants, shorts and T-shirt. So hippyish!

12. Ombre T-shirt. I still like it, even though it's getting a little mainstream!

13. The last but not the least! This "rock it out" T-shirt says it all..

Stay tuned for their tutorials (If I'm lucky :p)

I wish you a lovely weekend and thanks for reading..
Love, Hega xx


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