Jul 23, 2013


Today was a really good day to grab your camera, your best friend and go out to snap some pictures. I choose the early hours because the city is less crowded and because I don't mind waking up early anymore. The lack of sleep isn't keeping me from doing this. 

You know, at this time of the day, colors lose their intensity, they're kinda washed-out. To fit in with the surroundings I chose faded colors, like white, candy pink and my washed-out green hair of course! To sum up: matte colors.. I was also wearing no make-up at all, I'm too cool for that.. (cool=lazy, lol)

And people that stared awkwardly at us should get used to this, we'll do it more often... for sure! Lol

Thanks for reading..
Love, Hega <3_<3


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