Aug 7, 2013


Long time no write but I've had really busy days. You might not know, but I'm leaving tomorrow for Strasbourg, France. You know, study reasons. What else!
I wasn't expecting to leave this early in fact, I was thinking of something like August 20th or perhaps September 1st, but it's for the best anyway.

I've always dreamed of France, ever since I was little.. I'm not sure anymore if this love was kinda inducted from my parents, or if it was my own choice, or even a mixture. But I guess it doesn't matter anymore, I mean who doesn't love France?
And all these years of french courses, illusions and daydreams finally paid off. However, at the time I received the admission letter (when I almost broke into tears) and got my visa, I wasn't even thinking of my current pre-homesickness, I was so overjoyed at the time. I would have never imagined that I would get sad because of my departure, something I've always dreamed of. But that's how it works, life's weird, makes you emotional at the toughest situations. 
Tomorrow a new life starts for me, away from home, family and lovers. It all starts from 0. I have to redo what I've done here so far, for people there to know who the real me is.
And the saddest part is that I'm gonna miss home so much, especially mum. You know what they say, home is wherever mom is. 

Well, A word too much always defeats its purpose! I have lots of things and worries going through my mind but I don't want to share them with anyone but me. So I have nothing else to say, besides wishing myself a nice and safe trip..
And I really hope I don't fail this one, otherwise I would disappoint lots of people who have faith in me..

Thanks for reading..
Love, the pome xx


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