Aug 10, 2013

On the road

Greetings from France!

After a long and tiring road trip I finally did it..
I'm right here, sitting on the couch I'll be sleeping this year, writing from a laptop I don't even own, while trying to help my father put together the pieces of my IKEA closet that we just got delivered. Seems like there's no rest for us.
I won't be posting until I'm totally stabilized in here, which I guess will take a while.. I can't wait to snap some pictures in this lovely city.. I haven't seen much but I love it so far. I loved it on Google Earth, I love it now!

As about the trip, went we to Ancona, Italy by ferry, and from Italy to Strasbourg by car. Why didn't we choose to go by plane?! One word: luggage!
But the sleepy eyes and tiredness was worth the view..

Oh, and yes.. I cutted my hair, I kept the promise! :)
Thanks for reading!
Until the next post, au revoir..
the pome xx


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