Oct 31, 2013

Lonely Halloween

Before I go any further, Happy Halloween everyone :)

So yeah, this is the first Halloween from since I can't remember, that I won't celebrate.. 
Back in Albania, I would celebrate it with my best friend every single year, we would dress up, go to parties and make tones of pictures.. Well, I was expecting more Halloween enthusiasm here and I am kinda disappointed.
Actualy it was mummy's birthday, which happens to be in the same day, that reminded me of this fest. Otherwise, it would have totally skiped my mind!

Halloween could't change my routine today, woke up early, got out and turned back again home at about 6:00 PM, tired and hungry.. but with a tinny pumpkin and some candles I bought on my way home.
I know I'm late for that, but hey, at least I tried. It's something and it's better than nothing. 
I'm also trying to find some guts to watch a horror movie.. Well, feels like Halloween already..

However, I hope you've all had a much nicer Halloween, the best of your life :) 

Bisous, the pome

PS: Throwbackthursday from last year's Halloween party. I was dressed as Lady Frankenstein, and my bestie as Sally Skellington. I miss the times when I would spend my creativity on fun stuffs.


  1. Better Halloweens are yet to come! :) and that's the cutest pumpkin! ^_^ xoxoxooxo

  2. shpifesira te lezecme :P


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