Oct 8, 2013

Mal du pays

Hello everyone,

I hope I haven't been forgotten during this no-posting period.. Truth is I've been really busy, and it's really hard to find some time for yourself between school courses, homeworks and house chores of course.. I miss the old days when I would come home from school, eat whatever grandma had cooked, sleep, watch TV, surf the net and then do my piece of cake homeworks.

Well things have changed, I spend now most of my day in a dark amphi, listening and taking notes; or in the ateliers doing whatever we were told to; or even worse, walking around Strasbourg and drawing fast and simple sketches of what we see. Then you come home super tired realizing you have tons of clothes to fold, dishes to wash, blah blah blah and yep, homeworks.. Lots of homeworks..
I don't know if it's just me, but I'm predicting sleepless nights throughtout all the year.. It's like everyday is monday, I had plans for this weekend and they were cancelled of course.. Which means no more weekends, just work and coffee (I just came to realize its magical powers)..

Being a foreign student has its challenges, but I was prepared for all this long time ago.. Nothing came to me as a surprise.
Still, no matter how much I miss home and my old way of living, I don't want to leave this place.. I'm in love with this city, my school and everything we do there.. No matter how sad I might get at times, years from now I will be laughing it all off..
So I guess it's worth waiting, and if it's not meant to be there always a place where I can always go back and not get judged for my decision. Well, that's home..

So before I get too nostalgic and break into tears, here's a couple of old pictures from the old glory sunny days in Strasbourg..

Thanks for reading
Love, the pome xxx


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