Dec 25, 2013

Christmas in Strasbourg

My mum's flight was postponed due to bad weather conditions so she couldn't make it for Christmas. She's currently in Milano, staying at my aunt and hopefully she's taking a train to Strasbourg tomorrow. We still don't know about that, so fingers crossed !
I've never had a super fancy Christmas, but this one was the loneliest of my life.
This year's Christmas eve found my family's members spread in different corners of the world. Ironic, cause the well know expression goes "Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi".
However, we stayed home, ate dinner and watched TV.
And no turkey,  of course. (Woohoo!, my first Christmas as a vegetarian :D)

 Please, ignore the background!

 My really modest mini Christmas tree! As for the presents, they are the ones I bought for friends and family members.
 And of course, there's no Christmas morning without a hot cup of chocolate and pancakes..
 ..or without cartoons :)

Merry Christmas to everyone
Love, the pome xx


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