Oct 11, 2014

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Better to be early than late! Besides, I would carve pumpkins all year if I had to. 
So yes, the best time of the year is coming once again, and I'm pretty excited. 
This year, I wanted to have my special Halloween sanctuary. I bought the, what I like to call, "Halloween essentials", and started from work. 

 As a cat lover, I couldn't have picked a better carving idea.

I loved the results, and I think I won't turn the lights on at night for the following weeks.
But then again, I must, reality check: school is still on.

Thanks for reading
Love, the pome

... and before you go, check my last year's Halloween pumpkin : )


  1. I'm amazeeeed *.* I would like to spend the halloween month in your room with u :(

  2. zemra ime ti qe ke entuziazem ne cdo feste.... kalofsh gezuar :*


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