Dec 2, 2012

My week-end project

This week-end I got inspired from a postcard clutch I saw on the net and I decided to make a envelope clutch instead, on my own!

Firstly, I bought some faux leather fabrics in four different colours, white for the envelope and red, black and yellow for the stamps..

What I did next, was drawing the envelope's template on its other side, cutting the fabric and sewing it until this plain envelope clutch came out.

I used nail polish to make this red and blue stripes all around the envelope, creating a contour for it.

Then I used a permanent black marker to make some lines for the area where is supposed to be the sender's and receiver's address.

I used warm metals to make this stamps.. The red one is a human body, the second is a fishbone and the third is a cross. Not sure if you can see them though. 

I decided to personalize it, supposing the letter is send from my mind to my heart. I also wrote as a reception date 15.12.2090, which is my birthday when I'll be really old.

 Et voilĂ , this is the final look :)

This DIY project took me a whole day, but it was fun and I really enjoyed it.
Hope you like it!

Love, Hega xx


  1. I am totally amazed! *_* It's such a little wonder!
    So proud of you! ^_^

  2. sa gje e bukur !!! bravoo :))) ( inesa ) :))))

  3. E ke realizuar jashtezakonisht shume bukur :)


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